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Star Trek RPF Newsletter
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A Star Trek RPF fandom newsletter.
Trek RPF News: a RPF newsletter for all generations of Star Trek fandom. We include everything from RPF fan fiction to picspams of the actors to icons. For more information on what this newsletter is all about and about how your posts can be included, please check out the F.A.Q. post! You may comment to that post with any questions, comments, requests, or whatnot.

New editions of this newsletter will be posted on Fridays (or weekends) only, for the time being. The posting schedule will continue to change over time based on the volume of content. If you're interested in being an editor (compiling the newsletter for posting) on either Mondays or Saturdays, drop the maintainer an LJ message expressing your desire to do so. We'd appreciate the help!

trekrpfmeta: A Star Trek RPF meta community!
sylar_danny: A community featuring crossover pairing Sylar/Danny (Heroes/Blind Dating).
str_icontest: A Star Trek: Reboot icontest community.
stxi_sinfest: A bi-weekly prompt fest for STXI rpf (and fpf).
If you'd like to be affiliates, please drop us a note on the F.A.Q. post!

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